The DJ-BIKE is a solar-powered sound system mounted on a tricycle.

Conceived in 2021 for the public space performance series “Soundtrack für die Stadt” in Munich, this mobile platform serves as a tool for local and international subcultural artists to display their art in unexpected city locations.

Annually it is invited to various socio-cultural and artistic contexts, serving as a sound system for DJs and live artists.

It offers a flexible, unconventional, and sustainable service to institutions, organisations, associations, as well as private individuals and fair companies wishing to musicalize special events.

How It Works


“Riding the cities streets and bike lanes, reaching unique locations smoothly and fast”

The DJ-BIKE, created in 2021, is a customized tricycle with a rear loading area, constructed sustainably using mostly recycled parts from old bicycles. Solar panels on the roof generate power for the motor and sound system, ensuring self-sufficiency.


“Building a stage in the middle of a park or on a city sidewalk in a matter of minutes”

- The roof can be raised and includes a foldable table (200 cm x 70 cm).

- Two mid-high tone speakers are mounted on unfoldable supports, while the bass speaker is built into the tricycle's box.

- The sound system operates independently, with batteries lasting up to approximately 5 hours.

- If a standard power outlet is available, the DJ-BIKE can be used for extended periods.

The Setup:

“Old school never dies – Turntables & Vinyls”

The standard setup includes two turntables and a DJ mixer, with additional space for a crate of records. The essence of the DJ-BIKE is analog, and the impact of seeing and hearing old records spinning to eclectic music deepens the joy of sharing a moment through music in public spaces.

Digital components are also welcome. The sound system includes 6 sockets for alternating current and 2 USB ports, allowing connections for laptops, synthesisers, mixing consoles, effect devices, and even a musical sewing machine.

The Service:

“Collaboration or invitation, the DJ-BIKE is open for working together, being creative and creating the sound experience for a special event”

Ian Jakab, aka IbuProPhet, believes that sound and music are mediums to share moments, ideas, feelings, and experiences that bring people together. He enjoys playing his wide range of records with the DJ-BIKE and adapting his DJ sets to the needs of each event. Music styles can range from Jazz to Techno, from Soul to Classical Music, from Afro-funk to Neue Deutsche Welle, and from Cumbia to Italo Disco. He works also booking and curating other DJs from his extensive network.

Purely commercial or superficial events with the DJ-BIKE generally don’t align well, but it's possible to give it a try under the right conditions (honesty, sustainability, respect, etc.). THE DJ-BIKE IS NOT A GREENWASHING SERVICE AND WILL NOT COLLABORATE WITH COMPANIES OR INSTITUTIONS THAT DO NOT UNDERSTAND CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL AND ECOLOGICAL NEEDS OF THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN

Past Performances

Desiring to be in the light (leak) – Alexander-Tutsek Stiftung BlackBox / Soundtrack für die Stadt 21,22 & 23 – 36 Sessions in public spaces, Munich / KlimaDult 2023 – Westpark, Munich / RUFFINI ON TOUR – Zirka, Munich / Klimacamp 2023 – Theresienwiese, Munich / Scheinbar Grell – Kafe Kult, Munich / Südwind Festival – Schaburg Theater, Elisabethplatz, Munich / Kultur im Block – Karlingersiedlung / SKANDALEN AUF PEDALEN – 3 Live Performances in public spaces, Munich / Sound-bikes meeting – European Championships in the Olympiapark, Munich / Picknick Voices & Noises – Pausenmelodien & Zukunftsmusik, Olympiapark, Munich / KOSMOS CHEMNITZ – Chemnitz / „Musik im Quartier – Musik.vor Ort.“ in collaboration with Kulturraum e.V. – regularly in the Münchner Tafel in Creative Quarter („Hans-Sauer-Preis 2022“) / Alligator:Go! – Festival für Experimentelle Musik und Kunst in Import Export, Munich

Other events include: Import Export, Plantreff, MOP Jugendtreff, Sichtbarmacher, BA09, Klimacamp, Glockenbachwerkstatt, Kunstraum München, etc.